Why Acentesoft?

Acentesoft is an 7/24 online web based software which doesn’t require any installation

Sell Your Tours

Pre / Reserve Registration

Get pre-registration for tours valid until a certain date from the panel. In case of cancellation, register from the reserve list.

Cost Calculation

Enter your costs for tours. Calculate your profitability. See payments for services received at the end of the tour.

Advanced Reports

Create the list of guests who will participate in the tour separately for the guide and the hotel. Save or print lists with one click.

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Validation Code
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Sell Your Rooms

Compare Prices

Compare the prices of your hotels with other operators on a single page for all periods and for all room types. Sell ​​your hotels with the most advantage.

API Integration

Add your hotels manually with their features and quotas, or integrate them with API integration from bed banks.

Automatic Price Calculation

Enter the hotel price multipliers according to all options from the panel. The room price will be automatically determined according to the customer's adult/child selection.

acentesoft of Other Features

Advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website will rank higher and be visible in search engines such as Google. Thus, you can make more sales by getting ahead of your competitors.

Mobile Compatible

Your website, mobile phone, tablet, etc. with its responsive design. Easily used from mobile devices. Your customers' trust in you increases.

Multi-Language Support

With its responsive design, your website can be used easily from mobile devices such as mobile phones, tablets and so on. Your customers' trust in you increases.

XML / API Integration

Upload your hotels and tours to your website with one click with XML / API Integration and keep your prices up to date.

Advanced Reporting System

With the advanced report system, you can get detailed information of your reservations or tour participants with a single click with various extensions.


With the pre-reservation and automatic cancellation feature, the registration will be canceled automatically when your customers do not make the reservation payment.

Fast Selling on One Page

We don't bother your customers with confusing additional pages at checkout! They can pay quickly on one page.

User Friendly Management Panel

Drop the old and useless power management panels! Meet the new acentesoft management panel that complies with UI & UX standards.

Payment options

Offer your hotels and tours for sale within the price, discounts and conditions you determine, with payment options (credit card, money order, etc.) that you choose.

Tour Availability

Determine what age range and how many children the tours are suitable for. It does not leave the tour features and tour options to the discretion of the agency representative by determining the tour options.

Registration of Customer Information

The registration information received at the time of your customer's reservation will automatically come in the next reservation of the same customer. Errors are avoided and time is saved when completing the reservation.

Automatic Room Rate Calculation

Yönetim panelinde dönem veya oda bazında fiyat çarpanları girilir. Fiyat hesaplaması kişi sayısı ve çarpanlara göre otomatik yapılır. Her dönem için ayrı fiyat girilmesine gerek kalmaz.

Bus Seat Selection Between Sub-Agents

When an agency selects a seat, the selected seat is seen as closed for sale in other agencies. It prevents seat sales errors among sub-agents.

Sub-Agency Management

Sub-agents are defined in the system with different commission rates. Thus, it is ensured that each sub-agent makes sales at different commission rates.

Admin Panel Details

Acentesoft admin user
  • General management operations,
  • Procedures for defining sub-agents and their authorities,
  • Hotel and Tour management,
Acentesoft agency user
  • Seeing the remaining details of the reservation,
  • Editing user accounts,
  • Editing Pre and Backup record details,
Acentesoft delegate user
  • Seeing the remaining details of the reservation,
  • Review guide report and hotel listings,
  • Editing Pre and Backup record details,

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Valuable comments of our customers who use Agencysoft tourism software.

Since 1988, when we entered the tourism sector, it has always been our primary goal to keep up with the changing and developing trends and to try to bring our services to a better level. Our development in the field of E-Commerce, which is the rising trend of recent times, was also realized thanks to Acentesoft. We would like to thank the whole Agencysoft team for all their efforts, especially Mr. Nadir and Ms. Burcu, who helped us in this matter, who we could reach whenever we called and who provided solutions suitable for our demands.

Light Tours

Süleyman Kaya

Light Tours / Chairman of the Board

Acentesoft, which has been the solution partner of both our website and domain names for many years. We can easily express that we are very satisfied with the services provided by us. We would like to thank all our employees, especially Mr. Nadir, for helping us to make our website more functional by providing solutions/suggestions to all our suggestions, renewal and change requests in a short time.

Tempo Turizm


Tempo Turizm / General Manager

“As national professional tourist guides who have been introducing our country to our domestic and foreign guests for 12 years, my wife and I wanted to crown our profession by adding the "Kusadasi Travel Guide by New Roads Travel Agency" business. While doing this, as a "Guide-Agent", in order to keep up with the speed of digitalization of today's world; Burcu, Mrs. Nadir, and her teammates, the founder of the "Acentasoft" family, which enables us to offer the products that vacationers and travelers need in a high quality way for over a year, make the necessary arrangements in terms of software-website content and hardware in an extremely accessible, fast and efficient manner. Thank you very much for their perfect delivery and all their hard work.

Kuşadası Gezi Rehberi

Atilla & Aysun Demir

Kuşadası Gezi Rehberi / Professional Tourist Guide

Since 2008, we have been operating in Ankara in the fields of tourism and congress. We used certain software for our operations, but we also had to employ five additional staff to use only the software we bought. We started working with Acentesoft in 2016. The easy-to-use software they prepared specifically for our needs became the medicine of our agency. In particular, the fact that we could easily reach Mr. Nadir and his approach that produced solutions to what we communicated made the operation and management parts of our company much easier during this time. For this reason, we would like to thank everyone who contributed to Acentesoft.

Aress Turizm

Hüseyin BARAN

Aress Turizm / General Manager

Happy Customers

Some of the companies using the Acentesoft brand.

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